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Savannah Plastics is a veteran owned small business located in Savannah Georgia. We invented our
BookBones more than 10 years ago and we have been making and improving them ever since.  As a full
service facility, we make our own molds, cast the product ourselves and all artwork and printing is also
done in-house. To date, we have made and sold more than 1
20,000 BookBones.

Because a weight is molded within each end of a BookBones, we must use an "Open mold" method of
casting. Our product cannot be produced using the mass production method of injection molding
commonly used in the plastics and urethane industries. Open mold casting is a labor intensive and time
consuming process.

In addition to the internet, we sell BookBones to the public primarily through retailers and we have
fulfilled a large number of custom printed orders from companies, churches, schools, universities and
libraries across the country.

Whether you are interested in a single BookBone for personal use, a few to give to friends, a case or two
for retail sale or  your company or organization need hundreds of them custom printed with your logo, we
ready to serve your needs. Please explore our website. If you don't find the answers you need to all the
questions you may have, please feel free to contact me personally.

Dan Fletcher
Savannah Plastics
(912) 201-3361
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