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Savannah Plastics can produce our popular weighted rubber
bookmark (we call them BookKeepers) custom printed with your
college or university logo.  We do require written authorization
or a license from the educational institution to reproduce their
logo. We are licensed by the Licensing Resource Group (LRG),
therefore we can obtain an additional license through them if
your college or university utilizes their licensing services.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with our product, please visit
our website but before you click the link below, please be
advised that there is no link back to this page as we do not wish
to make our collegiate pricing information available to the
general public.  We recommend you add this page to your
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click your back button until it brings you back here).

Our website is located at

Pricing: BookKeepers retail for $7.95 each. The wholesale price
to you is $3.95 each which includes shipping. The minimum order
is 48 for a total cost to you of $189.60. For initial orders, we
highly recommend that you purchase a display stand (shown on
the right) at a cost including shipping of $47.70. In order to
offset the cost of the stand, we provide to you six (6)
BookKeepers with the stand free of charge. The sale of these
free BookKeepers will generate exactily $47.70 in revenue so the
stand is essentially free. Of course we pay any required royalty
amounts directly to LRG or the independent licensor as

BookKeepers are UPC labeled and the Collegiate Licensed
Properties numbered holographic sticker is affixed if appropriate.
Collegiate Series
Savannah Plastics
Collegiate Licensed Properties Association
Fair Labor Association
Solid wood display stand
holds 48 BookKeepers
Licensing: Before we can accept your order we must first have documentation authorizing us to reproduce
your logo. For some institutions, this may be as simple as an email authorization and for others there may be
a formal license agreement stating terms and conditions including royalty amounts etc. If your institution
utilizes the services of LRG, please let us know and we will request them to initiate a licence for us. That
process should take less than two weeks.
Colors: The next thing you need to do is pick a color. Our standard colors are Red, Blue and Green. You can
view these colors more clearly by clicking the "Click here for a larger image" link near the top of the page. Yes,
we can make them in additional colors but we cannot do so to the exact specifications of a particular PMS
color. If you tell us what PMS color you desire, we will do our best to match it and forward a color sample for
your approval. Please note that the one color we cannot produce is pure white (off white yes but pure white
no). Custom color production must be approved by you prior to placing your order. We normally print in white
ink only but there are a limited number of other ink colors available. If you are going to want custom product
or ink colors, the best thing to do is simply call us at (912) 897-3478 and let's talk about it.  

Artwork: We will need your artwork. For those associated with LRG, we can obtain artwork from If you are not associated with LRG, we will ask that you email us your artwork in black
and white (reversed so that what is black is what will print). We ask that the artwork be in 600dpi resolution
and we can accept most Windows based file formats. The maximum print area is 2 1/2 inches wide by 5/8ths
inches tall.

Artwork Approval: After we process your art with our software, we will email you a proof for approval.
Final Approval: We understand that subsequent to art approval, some institutions desire or require
submission of a printed product sample prior to issuing final license approval. If your institution is one that
does, please let us know and we will do so at this stage.

Upon final written or email product approval, you may order in one of four ways:

1) You may email your order to
2) You may order OR reorder directly from this page (payment via credit card or PayPal required)
3) You may mail us a purchase order
4) You may call us at (912) 897-3478

We usually ship within two weeks of receipt of your order.
Note: The shopping cart will show
a quantity of 1 (one) meaning 1
case of 48. If you desire 96 or 144
or more, simply change the
quantity in the shopping cart to 2
or 3 or more as appropriate
(Remember it must always be in
lots of 48).
As noted above, you will receive
six (6) BookKeepers free of charge
in order to fully offset the cost of
this display stand.

We highly recommend you
purchase this stand with your
initial order because BookKeepers
simply sell much better when
properly displayed in this stand.
Order Quantities: We require all orders to be a minimum of 48 and orders in excess of that amount must be
in lots of 48 (i.e. 48, 96, 144 etc.). We ship via US Postal Service Priority Mail Flat Rate Box. Their box holds
exactly 48 BookKeepers and can be delivered to you at a cost (which we pay) well below UPS or FedEx
We know it is often difficult to appreciate something when you have never seen, held or used one before. To
put our money where our mouth is, we'll send you one sample free of charge.  If you would like more than
one, you may purchase additional BookKeepers for only $3.00 each. When ordering samples, enter the
coupon code CP001 (that's CP Zero Zero One) in the coupon code field and click the Apply button during
checkout. Also, make sure you select the "Free Shipping" option. You will still have to enter credit card or
PayPal information but unless you order more than one, the charge amount will be zero.

Just select the color you want and click "Order Now". If you want more than one, change the quantity in the
shopping cart. If you want more than one color, you will need to return here from the shopping cart and select
the additional color and click "Order Now" a second or perhaps third time if you want all three colors

All Collegiate Sample BookKeepers are printed with the logo of McGill University in Quebec Canada. McGill is
one of our best collegiate customers having sold more than 1,400 BookKeepers from its campus bookstore.
Note: When ordering online, please enter the educational institutions name
in the space provided at the bottom of the check-out page.