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Best Sellers
Our Best Sellers (in descending order):

Quick Kitchen Equivalents
— By a large margin, it's our best seller. Women buy them for
their cookbooks and they also buy some for their friends. Believe it or not, they buy them for
their friends in the color that most closely corresponds to the color of the friend’s kitchen.

Souvenir Versions — These are normally the second best seller at each location having
tourist trade. At $6.95, roughly half the cost of a T-Shirt, they make and excellent souvenir
to take home for both family and friends.

So Many Books, So Little Time... — Dedicated readers (and proud of it) buy this one. This is
also purchased frequently as gifts for serious readers.

How the HELL did I get this old — This one gets a good laugh and sells quite well to older
people and to people buying gifts for them.

Forever Friends —  This one sells well to women as general gifts for their friends.

Fish (Ichtys) — Christians of all denominations buy this one. Some say they buy it for their
Bibles, others buy them as gifts and some just plain like it. We also print the Star of David
but it is not a best seller. Also note that we have found that the Blue ones printed with the
Star of David will be gone before for any of the Red or Green sell. Blue is of special
significance in the Jewish religion. We recommend that if you are going to display the Fish, it
is a good idea to also display the Star of David though it's inventory may be kept at a lower

Teachers Rule — Parents by this one as gifts for their children’s teachers. While we would
have thought that this one would only sell on special occasions, it actually sells quite well all
year long.

Nurses have Heart — Everybody loves a nurse. These sell quite well to patients and nurses

World's Best Series — These include World's Best Mom, Dad, Daughter and Son. These all
sell equally well but as a family oriented gift they do not sell as well as those listed above.

U.S. Military — All of these sell equally well unless you are located near a Military
installation. Naturally, if you are near a Navy base, the Navy version will sell better than the
others. None of the Military version sell as well as those version listed above but the best
thing about them is that men buy them.  Service members and veterans often buy them
simply due to the artwork and the pride they feel in their branch of service.  If you decide to
purchase any of our Military versions, experience has shown that color becomes very
important.  If you order Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard order only Blue. Marines sells well in
any color but Army will sell only in Green or Blue.

Have You Hugged Your Librarian Today? — Throughout the year this one is our least
popular.  It does however sell quite well during the Christmas period when women who
read are thinking of buying gifts for those special people whose love of books and service to
the public is an inspiration.

Unprinted — When I first began making BookKeepers, I did not have the capability to print
them and yet I sold thousands of them with no printing at all.  When I began printing a few
years ago, sales of unprinted BookKeepers dropped dramatically. Currently less 1 out of 20
BookKeepers sold is unprinted yet some customers insist on having one with no printing.